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Proportion your expenses
to what you have,
not to what you expect.
English proverb

Managing resources series

Developing your (school) budget

This simple exercise will help you
balance your educational budget

First enter your income from your
job, scholarships/grants, savings, family and "other"

Then enter your expenses from
rent/utilities, tuition/books, food, entertainment, and "other"

The third screen will show you the two columns,
and you will then be able to balance the two
by adjusting the individual entries.

Good luck!

More on budgets:

Creating and developing budgets with spreadsheets

Spreadsheets can help you with your financial calculations.
Develop a spreadsheet to analyze your expenditures for a month, or for whatever period you like, and learn the basics of organizing budgets with key features of spreadsheets

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Flash exercise contributed by Amanda Ward in Dr. Brad Hokanson's Interactive Media (DHA 5341)Course, School of Design, University of Minnesota; edited by Joe Landsberger