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The only lifelong,
reliable motivations
are those that come
from within, and one of
the strongest of those
is the joy and pride
that grow from knowing
that you've just done
something as well as
you can do it.
Lloyd Dobyns and
Clare Crawford-Mason
Thinking About Quality, 1994

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Over the years, the Study Guides and strategies Website has been recognized
by a number of organizations.  Here are a few over the years:

Awards and Compliments

September 29, 2011: (US) National College Learning Center Association
first "Innovative Use of Technology Award"

BellaOnline The Voice of Women, Guest Author - Elizabeth Stuttard
All learners - distance learning students as well as on campus students, will be able to make good use of the Study Guides and Strategies website.. Overall I found this to be a very useful site for students and teachers. Distance learning students may find the information especially useful since they don’t have a teacher in front of them to ask questions about how to best do their presentation, write citations correctly, or how to work effectively in a group project etc. Be sure to check out Study Guides and Strategies for yourself.

May 3, 2010: E-WOT Technology and educating for the 21st Century
Joe Landsberger is such an inspiration. His site Study Guides and Strategies is the epitome of what learning is about. He has worked on this site for 15years, it loads with lightning speed, runs in a multitude of languages and offers every kind of conceivable help to teachers and students. The site is learner centred and Joe Landsberger leads by example.

August 2007: Web Search Best Web Site of the Day

a free, advertising-free teacher resource web site. If you haven't been to seminars, college classes, or professional development lately, you may feel a little rusty on innovative study guides and strategies that will enhance learning. This site explains with clear language and no-frills web pages hundreds of ways to help our learners

#1 in Study Skills, #1 in Study Tips, #2 in Study Aids, #2 in Study Guides, #4 in Skills, #4 in Study Help, #8 in Self Help, #8 in Self Improvement, #8 in Study ...

We wanted to let you know that a few days ago we reviewed your website... as new and upcoming internet startups. Our goal is to provide an informative service to our readers.

2006 [email protected] Europa: the virtual Language Resource Centre
We are pleased to inform you that a link to your on-line resource has been added to  (

February 2004: USATODAY's Hot Site “Best Bet for Educators”

February 24, 2004: Cool Site in the Netscape Open Directory Reference/Education/How_To_Study

October 5, 2004: approved for all ages "SafeSurf, the premier online rating organization"

June 29, 2004: star.gif (512 bytes) The Open Directory Project's designated a Cool Site

February 24, 2004: Netscape "Cool Site" Open Directory Reference/Education/How_To_Study

March 2004: Featured site of the Human Performance Center/SPIDER
of the United State Navy Stenhouse publishers: Joe Landsberger's Study Guides and Strategies Web site has dozens of short, engaging guides on a wide range of topics such as managing stress, avoiding procrastination, tutoring, and preparing for tests. Useful for the middle grades through college, the site is easy to navigate and may be freely copied for educational purposes

September 2003: Site of the month,
...This is an extensive listing of study skills and academic preparation links created by Joe Landsberger ...

January 21, 2003: Education World:
Supercenter for study guides in learning, studying, reading & writing skills, test preparation, test taking, essays, class participation and many really useful links

January 2003: Access Washington "Just for Kids"
recommended site by Washington State Department of Information Services

2nd Week of December 2002 Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
"Sites of the School Days" Site 17,

November 6, 2002: Rapid City Area Schools Tip of the Week

November 2002: Internet Resource of the Month By Pat Gottschalk,
Learning Skills Instructor, USAFA :  ... you will find easily navigable links to titled categories such as "Preparing to Learn" (with information like "Thinking Like a Genius" and links to self-assessment sites); "Writing Basics" (where you can click on Print Bibliography and use a link that takes you to, a simple-to-understand MLA and APA usage guide); and "Webtruth" (with links to subtitles like Citing Web Sites, Netiquette, and Designing Web Sites). There is a "Math and Science" category, for the math-challenged like me, which includes a math bibliography and links to on-line web help. A further sample of other titles is "Preparing for Tests" and "Taking Tests" as well as one labeled simply "Studying". Many of these pages include a pertinent quote, found in the top right-hand corner of the page - a bit of trivia that is an enjoyable add-on to the information. Listed on the left side of the home page are further links to everything from a general search engine (similar in appearance and use to to the study guides made available in 18 separate languages, great for use by international students. (This is a "wow" feature of the site - languages represented range from Spanish and French to Arabic, Czech, Russian, and Chinese, to name a few.) The site was developed and is maintained by Joe Landsberger, who has a "vanity page" link which includes not only his study guides but personal information, pictures, and poetry. Featured site.
Created by: Joe Landsberger, Time to take schoolwork seriously! There’s a method to the madness, and it’s all beautifully outlined here: preparing to learn, studying, classroom participation, reading skills, preparing for tests, taking tests, writing basics, math & science, and finally a little something called Webtruth.

September 4, 2002: National Council of Teachers of English:
Educator and Web developer Joe Landsberger has crafted a Web site full of guides to learning. Here you'll find information on everything from managing your time to taking notes to how to study with a group.

July 7 2002: "Focus on Florida: Writing Paragraphs and Essays"
by Marilyn Broughton, Houghton Mifflin Company Reprints of selected guides

July 6, 2002 MERLOT-Teacher Education: Average Rating Overall - 4.33
(highest rating possible = 5)

July 2, 2002: Harvard Graduate School of Education
link for online writing course for incoming international students

December 2001: Maryland Public Television Top Ten Internet Sites for Families

October 25, 2001: USATODAY's Hot Site

October 22, 2001: Good Housekeeping's "Site of the Day"
Here's a site directed toward helping the older student, high school and above, get the most out of his or her studying. Joe Landsberger ... has developed this site that is a must for every student. There's no need to ever be frustrated over your study habits or how/where to begin a project again. You'll find a section devoted to just about whatever learning situation in which you might find yourself, not only in English, but in at least 15 other languages as well. Not to be outdated by traditional learning, there is also a complete section on WebTruth for you computer gurus. This site is an incredible learning tool for formal students and for those looking for self-improvement aids!

August 28, 2001: International Association of Web Masters and Designers
"2001-2002 Golden Web Award" 8/28/01

August 7 - 13, 2001: USAToday Best Best for Educators
 featured site

June 7, 2001: EditAvenue Writing Tips Award, 2001
Only the best writing tips sites of the net are voted to receive this award

May 23, 2001: Wall Street Executive Library "Feature Site"

March 29, 2001: Lightspan's StudyWeb
featured site in as one of the best educational resources on the Web by our researchers.

March 1, 2001: American Library Association 10 Top Internet Sites for Families
"Highly recommended"

March 2001: Education World Review
GRADE LEVEL: 3-12+; "A" CONTENT:This site consists of more than 75 links to articles about learning strategies. Preparing to Learn, Studying, Preparing for Tests, and Taking Tests are just a few of the headings.
"B" AESTHETICS: This site offers a no-frills, no graphics list of links to the study-skills documents.
"A" ORGANIZATION: The main page offers links to each of the information pages. From each page, users can navigate back to the main page or the search function.
"A" REVIEW: Study Skills and Strategies contains a great deal of useful information regarding study skills and ways of increasing school success. Some pages provide downloadable graphic organizers for students to use in planning their own projects and assignments. Joe Landsberger... created and maintains Study Guides and Strategies. Users have permission to "freely copy, adapt, print, transmit, and distribute study guides in educational settings to benefit learners." From studying with ADHD to organizing group projects to following the scientific method, this site covers it all. The section called Webtruth provides information on distinguishing the value of material found on the Web and citing Web sources correctly.

December 2000: ACCESS Magazine, Sunday STAR-TRIBUNE,
the "A" list

Oct 16, 2000: College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin/Madison,
Site of the Week

August 2000: The Learning Center Newsletter Internet Resource of the Month

2000: Los Angeles Educational Project (LEAP) Best of Education on the Web

March 2000 Edition: National Education Association: NEA Today, Web Winners:
"High self-esteem is as easy as the click of a button."

busaward.jpg (6411 bytes)March 6, 2000: Busy Educators Newsletter:
You did a great job on this site. Well done! In fact, it's a truly remarkable site. 9 years ago I had the opportunity to spend a year on a study skills committee for out board where we looked at all the best materials to help students with their studying (long before the web!) I know how much work all this takes and really appreciate all the work you've done here. I am pleased to award your site the Busy Educator's Award..

February 23, 2000: University for Industry and Cambridge Training and Development Ltd.
I would like to congratulate you on the quality of your web site. We are writing because we would like to link you in to some courseware we are making for the new University for Industry It's an induction programme for people who will work in their learning centres.

April 4, 2000: "300 Incredible Things To Learn On The Internet" by Robyn Freedman Spizman and Ken Leebow
We just wanted to let you know that your site is one of the Incredible sites featured in our new book .

March 20, 2000: Spider WebQuest, North Carolina
I think that your Web site provides a wealth of information that will interest students as they explore the world of spiders.... I feel that your site is exemplary... Thank you for taking the time to create a site that enhances education.

Family Fun Magazine, September 1999: The group of Study Guides hosted by the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul,
Minnesota, is even more comprehensive. It covers goal-setting, managing stress, paying attention, memorization techniques and more. Although it is written for college students, parents can easily adapt the guidelines here for children of any age.

September 4, 1998: Scout Report Selection
the premier weekly collection of useful Internet sites for discerning Internauts."

hotsitelogo.gif (4587 bytes)August 3, 1998 St. Paul Pioneer Press/Dispatch
"Studyguides shows what Web can be" by James Romanesko,
Studyguides is a no-nonsense site that doesn't try to make homework seem cool with the use of funky graphics or groovy fonts. It's all-text and serious, but very practical.

talking1.gif (18975 bytes)11/12/ 98: Talking Hands Award br>Those who nominated your site, did so from their "heart", because in some way you have made a lasting impression on them