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May preace prevail over earth


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ɖ℩ ɔɔz℩ kpɛlɛkʋʋ nʋmɔʋ taa


Kpɛlɛkʋʋ tɛ nʋmɔʋ ℩nʋʋ

Sukuli ɖaŋ

Ɛyʋ nɛ lɛlaa pɛkpɛlɛkʋʋ

Tovenim ℩nʋʋ

Kalʋ kpɛlɛkʋʋ

Santalaʋ waa ɔzʋ

Santalaʋ naa labu ɖeu nɛ hiƔu

Matu kpɛlɛkʋʋ

Matu kpɛlɛkʋʋ

℩nʋʋ tʋm℩yɛ taa

℩nʋʋ tʋm℩yɛ taa

A kɔnta labʋ bɛ ɛjaɖɛ yɔɔ lɔŋ kpɛlɛkʋʋ

A kɔnta labʋ bɛ ɛjaɖɛ yɔɔ lɔŋ kpɛlɛkʋʋ

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