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I must Create a System,
or be enslaved
by another Man's
William Blake, 1757 - 1827
English poet/printmaker

Directing your thinking series

An exercise in building a
mind or concept map

  1.  In the center Topic circle, enter a word or phrase that best summarizes your topic
  2.  Click on the red button to add a related key idea-- words, phrases, etc.
  3. Add supporting ideas by clicking on their red buttons within the key idea
  4. Add additional key and supporting ideas
  5. Edit Think about the relation of outside items to the center.
    Delete, replace, and shorten words for key and supporting ideas.
  6. Print!
    for your review and use in organizing your writing, developing projects,
    studying for tests, brainstorming ideas, and in general apply a more meaningful learning exercise to what you are studying.

Thinking and recall series

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