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Maps encourage boldness.
They're like cryptic
love letters.
They make anything
seem possible.
Mark Jenkins, 1958 -
American author

Directing your thinking series

Basics of mind/concept mapping

Creating your concept map II:

  1. Launch concept.
    (Scroll down if concept isn't visible)
  2. Drag concept to field and position; enter/edit & save text.
  3. Repeat and add concepts to build map.
  4. Arrange your concepts.
  5. Link concepts (click both green buttons).

Follow this color scheme: Use buttons to

enter/edit text (save), link concepts, or delete a concept.

Thinking and recall series

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Thinking critically | Thinking critically | Thinking creatively |
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Mapping exercise III | Mind mapping and free writing exercise |
Thinking like a genius: Creative solutions | Famous thinkers | Selected thoughts

Flash exercise contributed by Chuck Yust, David Cheng, Mike Lafrombois, and Dr. Brad Hokanson, Interactive Media (DHA 4384) School of Design, University of Minnesota.