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Set all things
in their own peculiar place,
and know that
order is the greatest grace.
John Dryden 1631 - 1700
English poet

Math series

Evaluating Algebraic Expressions

Order of Operations

P.E.M.D.A.S.: Exercise III

Parenthesis | Exponents | Multiplication | Division | Addition | Subtraction

Work through this first exercise and do the math

  1. Perform the operations inside a parenthesis first
  2. Then exponents
  3. Then multiplication and division, from left to right
  4. Then addition and subtraction, from left to right
  5. You can also create a little phrase to memorize the sequence:
    Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

Math series

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Flash exercise based on PEMDAS I by Ingrid Noble and Dr. Brad Hokanson, Interactive Media (DHA 4384) School of Design, University of Minnesota and adapted by Joe Landsberger.