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Reason and free inquiry
are the only effectual
agents against error.
Thomas Jefferson, 1743 - 1826
American president/author

Curricular applications of the Guides:


There are several sequences of Guides in the Study Guides Website:
Time management; Problem solving; Motivating yourself; Seven stages of writing assignments; etc. You are also free to construct your own, as with "Study strategies" or "Learning with others." These sequences can be developed and applied in one class session or over a period of time.

Copy, paste, edit and print!

  • Select a Guide, copy and paste it into your word processor
  • Edit the text: adapt it with your class identifier, students' names, local resources, etc.
  • Reference and assign any interactive exercise on the Website e.g. my daily schedule
  • Print and distribute
  • Assign an (short paragraph) assignment about the topic
    on how they could apply one suggestion contained in the Guide
  • Cite both the exercise and the source

Classroom topic of the week:

  • Demonstrate an SGS “study skill” using your interactive whiteboard or projector. Most of the topics provide interactive learning or another assignment to help students practice the skill.
  • Then have students work individually or with a partner to similarly explore a “topic of the week” and summarize their experience.
    (These life skills are so necessary, but hard to fit into the already crammed curriculum. SGS does a nice job of integrating the study skills with curriculum content.
  • Have students create their own multimedia projects about study skills using a current unit of study from your class.

From TeachersFirst Resource Listings,
accessed June 8, 2010

Send me your curricular idea for using the Study Guides!

All suggestions cited with your name and school!

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