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A wise man will make
more opportunities
than he finds.
Sir Francis Bacon, 1561 - 1626
English statesman

Curricular resources of SGS:

Student-developed, professionally-edited games and exercises

These learner-centric Flash exercises were conceived and created by students of Drs. Brad Hokanson and Louise Lystig Fritchie in an interactive design course at the University of Minnesota School of Design, 2003 - 2009. Based upon content and design of the SGS Website, they have been revised and edited. New exercises have also been independently developed. Where translations are available, they follow the topics.

Curricular guides and resources:

Using feedback in the classroom | Teaching critical thinking | Bloom's taxonomy |
Teaching with questioning | Preparing guided notes |
A curricular idea! | Curricular resources and guides |
Learning Exercises & Games | Exploring learning styles |
Constructing true/false tests | Constructing multiple choice tests |
Constructing essay exams | Cross language resources including digital translators |
Online Learning/eLearning books and resources for teachers