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In a person who is
open to experience
each stimulus is
freely relayed through
the nervous system,
without being distorted
by any process of defensiveness.
Carl Rogers, 1902 - 87
American humorist

Constructive use of feedback:
a modeling exercise

Modeling non-defensive behavior in the classroom
can be critical to demonstrating effective use of feedback
for teachers and students.

Being non-defensive, open to listening, and delaying response are critical.

A course exercise:
To be completed in 45-60 minutes

Before the teacher leaves a classroom,
students are instructed to form a line with one end being
"I haven't got a clue why this course is important"
and the other
"This is the best course I've ever taken; I hope it never ends."
with gradations in the middle.

Then once they have distributed themselves in the line,
the students form small groups (of four) with those who are closest to them in the line.

Each group of students then makes a list of the reasons
they put themselves where they did in the line.

When they have completed their lists, they share their lists with the other groups.
Jointly the groups prepare three lists they would like the teacher to:

  1. Do less of...
  2. Do more of...
  3. Continue doing as before...

and put these three lists on the board.

When done,
the teacher is invited back to the classroom and presented the three lists.

The teacher takes the lists home, reflects upon them, and responds in the next class:

  • What will change and
    how the changes should impact classroom "organization" and learning
  • what won't change
    with those reasons why
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Adapted with permission:
Susan Herman, Professor, Management Department, Keene State College