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It is best to do things systematically since
we are only human,
and disorder is
our worst enemy.
750 - 650 BCE AD
Greek oral poet

Time management series

The what, why and how of to-do lists

Developing time management skills is a journey
that may begin with this Guide, but needs practice and other guidance along the way.


  • Listing!
    A simple presentation of three to five tasks that enables you to identify and visualize a core group of tasks in one place for easy reference
  • It grows and shortens
    as you work through items
  • Posted
    on a bulletin board, refrigerator or space
    readily reminds you of what you prioritize to do and when you need to do it (deadlines)
  • Organize!
    It is an organizational tool that can be used for scheduling with
    electronic calendaring, strategic post-it notes, email, instant messenger, SMS and other communication services, etc.
  • It can be a Not-to-do list where the time is not right, but you don't want to forget the item
  • May help you develop timelines, sub-tasks, etc. to get the job done!
    (but separate from the to do list!)


  • Reduce stress
    You can reduce stress by itemizing and prioritizing tasks and giving them a place in your life.
  • Remind yourself
    A list displayed in a prominent place can remind you of what you consider important to do.
  • Strategize completion
    When reminded, you also are thinking about the task,
    as well as what resources, strategies and options for completing the task!
  • It can be fun!
    Playing with the list can encourage thinking outside of the box for solutions.
    Add images and pictures to create a more enjoyable even accurate presentation.
  • Use the simple exercise above to identify tasks
  • Go to Prioritizing tasks to build an operational sequence
  • Enter items into electronic calendaring, strategic post-it notes, email, instant messenger, SMS and other communication services
  • Share
    With friends, family and colleagues for assistance and insights
    to communicate what you are working on and where you are
  • Cross off items and celebrate their completion
  • Apply the to do list to your daily life

Time management series

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