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Lost in a sea of
perpetual technological transition, modern
man and woman find themselves increasingly alienated from the ecological choreography
of the planet.
Jeremy Rifkin, 1943 -
1749 - 1832, American economist

Vocabulary and spelling series

Transitional Words & Phrases

The transition game "drag and drop"

There are three main reasons
for using transitional phrases within your writing:

  1. Using transitional words and phrases helps papers read more smoothly by providing coherence
  2. A coherent paper allows the reader to flow from the first supporting point to the next
  3. Transitions indicate relations, whether from sentence to sentence, from paragraph to paragraph, or from one idea to the next.

The exercise below will test your ability to place each concept into a category.. 
Helpful: categories and examples can be accessed in the link in the bottom right corner of the exercise.

In the exercise, as you drag and drop each concept, it disappears, indicating a correct choice. Another then takes its place:

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