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Memory feeds
Amy Tan
1952 – , American author

Vocabulary series

Picturing vocabulary
and remembering words

Use your mouse to draw
what comes to mind about the given word.
It will help you both understand and remember the word.

Click the lower circle to change words.
Click the middle circle to erase your board.
Click the top circle to print your board!

There is no "correct" image, just what you picture!

Vocabulary and spelling guides

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Essay terms and directives | Modifiers & commas | Plurals |
Spelling rules & exercises | Common misspelled words |
There - They're - Their | Too - Two - To | "Y" with suffixes |
Prefixes and root words | Suffixes and silent "e" |
Mapping vocabulary | Picturing vocabulary | American alphabet recited

Flash exercise contributed by Elizabeth Bub and Dr. Brad Hokanson, Interactive Media (DHA 4384) School of Design, University of Minnesota; refinements by Steve Kladstrup, Independent Flash Developer, Minneapolis, MN, and Joe Landsberger.