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The idea of a
mass audience
was an invention of
the Industrial Revolution
David Croneneberg, 1943 -
Canadian filmmaker

Writing series

2. Determining audience/readership

Stages of writing assignments
Use this process to develop your audience and readership:

Define your target audience, and how you will address them

Some ways of thinking of audience

  • You are selling a product:
    what style of writing will appeal to them?
  • You are explaining a sport:
    how would your vocabulary change if your audience were children?
    visitors from another country? your parents?
  • Are you documenting an event:
    how would you detail the facts of a crime you witnessed?

Seven stages of writing assignments:

Index | Develop your topic (1) | Identify your audience (2) |
Research (3) | Research with notecards | Summarizing research
Prewrite (4) | Draft/write (5) | Revise (6) | Proofread (7)