What Is a Good SAT Score

SAT score is the score responding to the number of correct answers given on the Scholastic Assessment Test, the SAT. The SAT score is a numeric measurement of the student’s competency in math, reading and writing. Many colleges and universities require submission of SAT scores to assist in evaluating the student’s readiness for college and the likelihood they will succeed in first-semester college courses such as algebra, statistics, writing, social science or literature. 

SAT score ranges from 400 to a perfect score of 1600.

A good SAT score is 1200 or higher which is good enough for admission to many schools and universities and qualifies for merit scholarships. A 1200 SAT score corresponds to the 75th percentile of published SAT scores in 2023.

The SAT score is the combined section scores for Math and for ERW, which stands for Evidence-based Reading and Writing and is also termed EBRW. A good Math section score is 600 or higher, and a good ERW score is 620 or higher.

A bad SAT score is generally considered one that is below 530 in Math and below 480 in ERW. Depending on the school a student is applying to, a bad SAT score can be significantly higher.

A good SAT score for selective schools is 1290 to 1580. Most selective colleges and universities require a composite SAT score of 1450 or higher. The average good SAT score for Ivy League Schools is 1570 to 1580. 

Good SAT scores are used as criteria in 5 ways: In college admissions, in college recruiting, when applying for merit-based scholarships, for considering placement in courses such as math or English and for granting college credit in math or English.

Good SAT Score used for

1. College Admissions

Most colleges and universities still consider SAT scores as part of a robust process for considering who to admit to the school. A good SAT score gives you a broader range of schools to consider because a higher score meets the admissions criteria for more colleges and universities.

However, the importance of SAT scores has been declining in recent years, and some schools including public colleges and universities in California have test-blind admissions in which standardized tests are not considered.

2. College Recruiting

Colleges are searching for students with high SAT scores. When taking the SAT, you can opt into the College Board’s Student Search Service. 1,500 colleges use the Search Service to find students with high SAT scores, leading to 29% more admissions offers and $300 million in scholarships from the College Board’s scholarship partners.

3. Merit Based Scholarships

The SAT score is used as a criterion for many merit scholarships. In general, SAT scores between 1200 and 1600 qualify students for merit scholarships. Students with higher SAT scores, usually of 1400 or higher, are eligible for more merit scholarships and those for a higher dollar amount.

4. Class Placement

With a good SAT score, you will be able to skip over remedial-level college courses and some basic 100-level courses in subjects related to math, writing and English. This allows you to begin taking advanced courses immediately, which makes it easier to pursue a minor or a double major if desired, or to take additional elective courses that fit your interests.

5. College Credit

Colleges with credit-by-exam programs often include the SAT. For example, Angelo State University grants credit for SAT ERW scores of 630 or higher and SAT Math scores of 630 or higher, and Adams State University grants students 3 credits in English for SAT scores of 660 or higher.

What Are Good Section Scores and Sub Test Scores for SAT?

Good SAT Score

Good sub test scores are 31 for Reading, 31 for Writing and Language and 30 for Math. Scores higher than these are also considered good scores. 

A good Math section score is 600, which is in the 75th percentile. A good EBRW section score is 620, which is the 78th percentile. Combining them produces a 1220 SAT score, which is the 77th percentile.

The SAT is made up of sections that assess the student’s college readiness in specific subjects. The sections are Math and ERW, also called EBRW. Each section is made up of sub tests or subtests that test the student’s proficiency in specific areas.

To get these section scores, the math sub test score is multiplied by 20. For example, a 30 score for math becomes a 600 section score for Math, 30 x 20 = 600. The Reading and Writing & Language sub test scores are combined and multiplied by 10. For example, a 31 in Reading plus a 31 in Writing and Language equals 62. Multiplied by 10 equals a good EBRW section score of 620.

Some states also use an Essay section, but the SAT Essay has generally been discontinued by the College Board except in states that “require the essay as part of SAT School Day administrations.”

There is no standard for what a good Essay score is on the SAT. The SAT Essay does not affect SAT score. The essay is optional but recommended by some schools. SAT Essay scoring is done by two people reading the Essay. They score it for three dimensions: reading, analysis and writing. Each reader gives each section a score of 1-4 for a total score of 2-8 for each dimension when combined. According to the College Board, “There is no composite SAT Essay score, the three scores are not added together, and there are no percentiles.”

What Is a Good SAT Score for Ivy League Colleges?

This table shows 8 Ivy League schools’ good SAT scores and the average SAT scores. 

NameUS News Ranking for TypeGood SAT Score (based on 75th percentile)Average SAT Score
Princeton University115801540
Harvard University315801550
Yale University315801540
University of Pennsylvania715701540
Dartmouth College1215801550
Brown University1315801540
Cornell University1715701530
Columbia University in the City of New York1815801530

The average good score for Ivy League school students is 1570 to 1580 out of a possible 1600. These scores represent answering correctly more than 98% of test questions. The lowest good score of 1570 is more than 540 points above the national average SAT score of 1028.

The average SAT score of 1540 is more than 500 points above the national average score.

These good SAT scores place all Ivy League schools near the top of the list of schools with a high average good score including MIT, Stanford, the University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins, Duke, Georgetown and Northwestern.  

As a result, Ivy League universities are among the most difficult schools to gain admissions to based on SAT scores.

What Is a Good SAT Score for Selective Colleges?

This table shows the top 100 ranked national schools in the U.S. with the average Good SAT score at the 75th percentile and the Average SAT score at the 50th percentile.

NameCollege TypeSAT (Percent)Good SAT ScoreAverage SAT Score
Princeton UniversityPrivate not-for-profit59%15801540
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPrivate not-for-profit78%15801560
Harvard UniversityPrivate not-for-profit55%15801550
Stanford UniversityPrivate not-for-profit49%15801550
Yale UniversityPrivate not-for-profit59%15801540
University of ChicagoPrivate not-for-profit52%15801540
Johns Hopkins UniversityPrivate not-for-profit44%15701550
University of PennsylvaniaPrivate not-for-profit48%15701540
California Institute of TechnologyPrivate not-for-profit0%NANA
Duke UniversityPrivate not-for-profit49%15701550
Northwestern UniversityPrivate not-for-profit47%15701530
Dartmouth CollegePrivate not-for-profit42%15801550
Brown UniversityPrivate not-for-profit54%15801540
Vanderbilt UniversityPrivate not-for-profit29%15701530
Rice UniversityPrivate not-for-profit53%15701540
Washington University in St LouisPrivate not-for-profit27%15701530
Cornell UniversityPrivate not-for-profit37%15701530
Columbia University in the City of New YorkPrivate not-for-profit44%15801530
University of Notre DamePrivate not-for-profit36%15501510
University of California-BerkeleyPublic0%NANA
University of California-Los AngelesPublic0%NANA
Carnegie Mellon UniversityPrivate not-for-profit51%15701540
Georgetown UniversityPrivate not-for-profit72%15601500
Emory UniversityPrivate not-for-profit41%15501500
New York UniversityPrivate not-for-profit26%15701530
University of Southern CaliforniaPrivate not-for-profit34%15501520
University of Virginia-Main CampusPublic50%15401490
University of Michigan-Ann ArborPublic54%15301470
University of North Carolina at Chapel HillPublic26%15301460
University of FloridaPublic81%14901390
Wake Forest UniversityPrivate not-for-profit0%NANA
Tufts UniversityPrivate not-for-profit37%15501510
University of California-Santa BarbaraPublic0%NANA
University of California-IrvinePublic0%NANA
University of California-San DiegoPublic0%NANA
Boston CollegePrivate not-for-profit34%15401490
University of RochesterPrivate not-for-profit28%15401470
University of Wisconsin-MadisonPublic17%15101430
The University of Texas at AustinPublic63%15001370
University of California-DavisPublic0%NANA
William & MaryPublic52%15201460
University of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignPublic44%15101440
Boston UniversityPrivate not-for-profit23%15001440
Northeastern UniversityPrivate not-for-profit33%15501500
Case Western Reserve UniversityPrivate not-for-profit42%15401490
Georgia Institute of Technology-Main CampusPublic74%15501480
Brandeis UniversityPrivate not-for-profit39%15301470
Tulane University of LouisianaPrivate not-for-profit16%15101450
Ohio State University-Main CampusPublic15%14801400
University of GeorgiaPublic45%14201310
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstitutePrivate not-for-profit52%15201450
Villanova UniversityPrivate not-for-profit28%15001440
Lehigh UniversityPrivate not-for-profit37%14901410
Purdue University-Main CampusPublic67%14701330
University of Maryland-College ParkPublic53%15201460
Pepperdine UniversityPrivate not-for-profit16%14801390
University of MiamiPrivate not-for-profit35%14801390
Rutgers University-New BrunswickPublic50%14801370
Santa Clara UniversityPrivate not-for-profit34%14801364
Florida State UniversityPublic68%13701290
George Washington UniversityPrivate not-for-profit31%14901410
University of Minnesota-Twin CitiesPublic8%15001378
University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh CampusPublic47%14701370
Syracuse UniversityPrivate not-for-profit26%14301350
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityPublic39%14301330
Yeshiva UniversityPrivate not-for-profit24%15001400
University of Massachusetts-AmherstPublic30%14801370
University of ConnecticutPublic44%14401330
Texas A & M University-College StationPublic78%13901270
Southern Methodist UniversityPrivate not-for-profit17%15101450
Fordham UniversityPrivate not-for-profit27%14801400
American UniversityPrivate not-for-profit25%14301370
North Carolina State University at RaleighPublic25%14601360
Indiana University-BloomingtonPublic38%14001290
Stony Brook UniversityPublic41%15001410
Loyola Marymount UniversityPrivate not-for-profit19%14601360
Clemson UniversityPublic45%14101320
Baylor UniversityPrivate not-for-profit28%14101320
Michigan State UniversityPublic39%13601260
Stevens Institute of TechnologyPrivate not-for-profit46%15101450
Binghamton UniversityPublic54%15101430
Gonzaga UniversityPrivate not-for-profit28%14101320
Marquette UniversityPrivate not-for-profit17%13601270
University of IowaPublic21%13401230
Colorado School of MinesPublic45%14881400
Brigham Young UniversityPrivate not-for-profit13%14681360
University of DelawarePublic25%13601280
University at BuffaloPublic33%13801280
Elon UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2%13601260
Texas Christian UniversityPrivate not-for-profit18%13601260
Howard UniversityPrivate not-for-profit31%12901170
Clark UniversityPrivate not-for-profit22%14301360
New Jersey Institute of TechnologyPublic40%14501320
Auburn UniversityPublic16%13801300
University of Colorado BoulderPublic31%13901280
University of South FloridaPublic76%13301230
University of Illinois ChicagoPublic29%13401220
Rochester Institute of TechnologyPrivate not-for-profit45%14501360
Drexel UniversityPrivate not-for-profit41%14301330
University of DenverPrivate not-for-profit27%14001320
University of San FranciscoPrivate not-for-profit17%14101310
Saint Louis UniversityPrivate not-for-profit9%14001300
University of UtahPublic12%13901300
Miami University-OxfordPublic15%13901290
University of OregonPublic11%13701260
University of ArizonaPublic19%13701240

The range of good SAT score results for schools that are selective in admissions is 1290 to 1580. What a good SAT score is at the majority of schools on the selective list is higher than 1450.

The average SAT score for students admitted to selective colleges and universities is 1170 for Howard University to 1560 for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT.

The percentage of students admitted that took the SAT varies significantly from 2% at Elon University and 12% at the University of Utah on the low end to 78% at MIT and Texas A&M and 81% at the University of Florida.  Public colleges in California do not use standardized testing results as a criteria in admissions.

What Colleges Is a 1300 SAT Score Good For?

An SAT score of 1300 meets or exceeds the admissions criteria of many good schools. This table shows what national schools a 1300 SAT score is good for when students apply to them.

NameTypesUS News Ranking50th Total SAT
Florida State UniversityPublic551290
Texas A & M University-College StationPublic671270
Indiana University-BloomingtonPublic721290
Michigan State UniversityPublic771260
Marquette UniversityPrivate not-for-profit831270
University of IowaPublic831230
University of DelawarePublic891280
University at BuffaloPublic891280
Elon UniversityPrivate not-for-profit891260
Texas Christian UniversityPrivate not-for-profit891260
Auburn UniversityPublic971300
University of Colorado BoulderPublic971280
University of South FloridaPublic971230
University of Illinois ChicagoPublic971220
Saint Louis UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1051300
University of UtahPublic1051300
Miami University-OxfordPublic1051290
University of OregonPublic1051260
University of ArizonaPublic1051240
University of South Carolina-ColumbiaPublic1151280
Loyola University ChicagoPrivate not-for-profit1151275
The University of Tennessee-KnoxvillePublic1151240
Chapman UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1211300
University of Missouri-ColumbiaPublic1211240
University of KansasPublic1211210
Clarkson UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1271280
University of DaytonPrivate not-for-profit1271270
Thomas Jefferson UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1271230
Iowa State UniversityPublic1271220
University of Oklahoma-Norman CampusPublic1271220
University of Alabama at BirminghamPublic1371300
University of Maryland-Baltimore CountyPublic1371300
University of St ThomasPrivate not-for-profit1371295
University of Central FloridaPublic1371278
Drake UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1371270
The University of AlabamaPublic1371260
Seattle UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1371260
George Mason UniversityPublic1371250
University of TulsaPrivate not-for-profit1371215
University of New Hampshire-Main CampusPublic1371210
The University of Texas at DallasPublic1511300
Simmons UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1511270
University of Cincinnati-Main CampusPublic1511260
University of the PacificPrivate not-for-profit1511255
Duquesne UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1511240
James Madison UniversityPublic1511240
Michigan Technological UniversityPublic1511230
University of Nebraska-LincolnPublic1511210
Hofstra UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1661280
Mercer UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1661270
Quinnipiac UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1661210
St. John’s University-New YorkPrivate not-for-profit1661210
Xavier UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1661210
University of Massachusetts-LowellPublic1761250
Valparaiso UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1761240
Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical CollegePublic1761230
Missouri University of Science and TechnologyPublic1821275
University of HoustonPublic1821240
Belmont UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1821230
Adelphi UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1821220
Biola UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1941250
Union UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1941230
University of North Carolina WilmingtonPublic2021300
Florida Institute of TechnologyPrivate not-for-profit2021210
Lipscomb UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2121230
Seattle Pacific UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2191210
Andrews UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2991210

Note the schools in the above table are the US News ranked national schools, which don’t include regional colleges and specialized schools like art, culinary or religious schools. The college list is filtered based on the average admission SAT score ranging from 1200-1300.

The highest ranked school where a 1300 SAT score is good is Florida State University, ranked 55 nationally. This is followed by Texas A & M University ranked 67, Indiana University-Bloomington ranked 77, Marquette University ranked 83, University of Iowa ranked 83 and University of Delaware ranked 89. There are 14 Top 100 schools that 1300 SAT Score is Good for.

In general, the 1300 is a good SAT score for colleges that are ranked by US News between 100-200 and with an average 1200-1300 admission SAT score. 

What Colleges Is an 1100 SAT Score Good For?

This table shows what colleges a 1100 SAT score is good for, meaning a score of 1100 is good enough for admission to the school.

National College NamesCollege TypesUSNews Ranking50th Total SAT
Montclair State UniversityPublic1821080
University of Detroit MercyPrivate not-for-profit2021080
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical UniversityPublic2021070
Kent State University at KentPublic2121100
Illinois State UniversityPublic2191090
Hampton UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2191030
West Virginia UniversityPublic2341100
Central Michigan UniversityPublic2501090
Saint Ambrose UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2631100
Bowling Green State University-Main CampusPublic2631100
University of MemphisPublic2631090
Grand Valley State UniversityPublic2631080
Sam Houston State UniversityPublic2631050
Southern Illinois University-CarbondalePublic2631030
New Mexico State University-Main CampusPublic2631020
Western Michigan UniversityPublic2851100
North Dakota State University-Main CampusPublic2851095
University of Hawaii at HiloPublic2851090
Clarke UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2851070
North Carolina A & T State UniversityPublic2991050
The University of Texas Rio Grande ValleyPublic2991030
University of the Incarnate WordPrivate not-for-profit2991020
Arkansas State UniversityPublic3171100
Alvernia UniversityPrivate not-for-profit3171075
East Tennessee State UniversityPublic3171060

Note the schools in the above table are the US News ranked national schools, which doesn’t include the regional colleges and specialized schools. The college list is filtered based on the average admission SAT score ranging from 1010-1100.

The highest ranked school where a 1100 SAT score is good is Montclair State University, ranked 182 nationally. This is followed by University of Detroit Mercy ranked 202, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University ranked 202, and Kent State University at Kent ranked 89. There is only one Top 200 school that a 1100 SAT Score is Good for.

Generally, the 1100 is a good SAT score for colleges that are ranked by US News between 200-300 nationally and with an average admission SAT of 1000-1100. 

What Colleges Is a 1200 SAT Score Good For?

This table shows national colleges and universities that a 1200 SAT score is good for admissions to.

What Colleges are 1200 SAT Score Good for
NameTypesUS News ranking for type50th Total SAT
Howard UniversityPrivate not-for-profit891170
Samford UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1271170
Rutgers University-CamdenPublic1271160
DePaul UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1371190
University of KentuckyPublic1371180
Colorado State University-Fort CollinsPublic1511180
Florida International UniversityPublic1511150
University of MississippiPublic1511120
University of La VernePrivate not-for-profit1511115
University of Hawaii at ManoaPublic1661180
Bradley UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1661180
Virginia Commonwealth UniversityPublic1661160
University of IdahoPublic1761121
University of ArkansasPublic1761110
Ohio University-Main CampusPublic1821180
University of LouisvillePublic1821170
University of Rhode IslandPublic1821170
Stockton UniversityPublic1821150
Oklahoma State University-Main CampusPublic1821130
Montclair State UniversityPublic1821080
Rowan UniversityPublic1941190
Pacific UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1941175
Chatham UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1941160
Mississippi State UniversityPublic1941150
Springfield CollegePrivate not-for-profit2021190
St. John Fisher UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2021174
Indiana University-Purdue University-IndianapolisPublic2021140
La Salle UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2021140
University of Detroit MercyPrivate not-for-profit2021080
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical UniversityPublic2021070
Ball State UniversityPublic2121180
University of Missouri-St LouisPublic2121130
Kent State University at KentPublic2121100
Widener UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2191200
University of MainePublic2191190
University of North Carolina at GreensboroPublic2191190
Texas Tech UniversityPublic2191190
University of North Carolina at CharlottePublic2191180
Nova Southeastern UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2191170
University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical CampusPublic2191140
University of LynchburgPrivate not-for-profit2191115
Illinois State UniversityPublic2191090
Hampton UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2191030
Bellarmine UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2341200
Pace UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2341200
University of HartfordPrivate not-for-profit2341190
University of Massachusetts-BostonPublic2341190
Suffolk UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2341190
Western New England UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2341190
Wilkes UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2341160
University of Massachusetts-DartmouthPublic2341140
Georgia State UniversityPublic2341130
West Virginia UniversityPublic2341100
Immaculata UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2501180
Utah State UniversityPublic2501170
University of St ThomasPrivate not-for-profit2501165
West Chester University of PennsylvaniaPublic2501160
Abilene Christian UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2501160
Wayne State UniversityPublic2501140
Regis UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2501120
Central Michigan UniversityPublic2501090
University of South DakotaPublic2631185
George Fox UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2631180
Montana State UniversityPublic2631170
Harding UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2631160
Western Carolina UniversityPublic2631150
Point Park UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2631150
Azusa Pacific UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2631110
Florida Atlantic UniversityPublic2631110
University of North FloridaPublic2631110
Saint Ambrose UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2631100
Bowling Green State University-Main CampusPublic2631100
University of MemphisPublic2631090
Grand Valley State UniversityPublic2631080
Sam Houston State UniversityPublic2631050
Southern Illinois University-CarbondalePublic2631030
New Mexico State University-Main CampusPublic2631020
DeSales UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2851200
University of ToledoPublic2851150
University of North TexasPublic2851120
University of Nevada-Las VegasPublic2851110
Western Michigan UniversityPublic2851100
North Dakota State University-Main CampusPublic2851095
University of Hawaii at HiloPublic2851090
Clarke UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2851070
Old Dominion UniversityPublic2991170
Regent UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2991150
D’Youville UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2991140
Middle Tennessee State UniversityPublic2991120
University of St FrancisPrivate not-for-profit2991110
Lincoln Memorial UniversityPrivate not-for-profit2991110
The University of Texas at ArlingtonPublic2991110
North Carolina A & T State UniversityPublic2991050
The University of Texas Rio Grande ValleyPublic2991030
University of the Incarnate WordPrivate not-for-profit2991020
Louisiana Tech UniversityPublic3171185
Walsh UniversityPrivate not-for-profit3171170
South Dakota State UniversityPublic3171140
William Carey UniversityPrivate not-for-profit3171130
Arkansas State UniversityPublic3171100
Alvernia UniversityPrivate not-for-profit3171075
East Tennessee State UniversityPublic3171060

Note the schools in the above table are the US News ranked national schools, which doesn’t include the regional colleges and specialized schools. The college list is filtered based on the average admission SAT score ranging from 1110-1200.

The best national schools in the US News ranking where 1200 is a good SAT score are Howard University at 89, Samford University at 127 and Rutgers University-Camden at 127. There is only one Top 100 school and 22 Top 200 schools that 1200 is a good SAT score for. 

Generally, the 1200 is a good SAT score for colleges that are ranked by US News between 150-250 nationally and with an average admission SAT of 1110-1200. 

According to US News rankings, schools where a 1200 SAT score is good enough for include many top ranked regional schools such as High Point University ranked number 1, the Citadel and Taylor University ranked number 2, Berry College ranked number 3 and the College of Idaho at 4. Others in the top 10 ranked regional schools that a 1200 SAT score is good for are Christopher Newport University, Florida Southern College, Appalachian State University, and Carroll College.

What Colleges Is a 1400 SAT Score Good For?

This table shows colleges where a 1400 SAT score is good for admissions. Average SAT score for incoming students is 1310 to 1400.

National College NamesCollege TypesUS News Ranking50th Total SAT
University of FloridaPublic291390
The University of Texas at AustinPublic381370
Ohio State University-Main CampusPublic491400
University of GeorgiaPublic491310
Purdue University-Main CampusPublic511330
Pepperdine UniversityPrivate not-for-profit551390
University of MiamiPrivate not-for-profit551390
Rutgers University-New BrunswickPublic551370
Santa Clara UniversityPrivate not-for-profit551364
University of Minnesota-Twin CitiesPublic621378
University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh CampusPublic621370
Syracuse UniversityPrivate not-for-profit621350
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityPublic621330
Yeshiva UniversityPrivate not-for-profit671400
University of Massachusetts-AmherstPublic671370
University of ConnecticutPublic671330
Fordham UniversityPrivate not-for-profit721400
American UniversityPrivate not-for-profit721370
North Carolina State University at RaleighPublic721360
Loyola Marymount UniversityPrivate not-for-profit771360
Clemson UniversityPublic771320
Baylor UniversityPrivate not-for-profit771320
Gonzaga UniversityPrivate not-for-profit831320
Colorado School of MinesPublic891400
Brigham Young UniversityPrivate not-for-profit891360
Clark UniversityPrivate not-for-profit971360
New Jersey Institute of TechnologyPublic971320
Rochester Institute of TechnologyPrivate not-for-profit1051360
Drexel UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1051330
University of DenverPrivate not-for-profit1051320
University of San FranciscoPrivate not-for-profit1051310
Creighton UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1151320
Fairfield UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1151310
University of VermontPublic1211350
Illinois Institute of TechnologyPrivate not-for-profit1271310
Seton Hall UniversityPrivate not-for-profit1371310

The best national schools in the US News ranking where 1400 is a good SAT score are University of Florida at 29, The University of Texas at Austin at 38, Ohio State University at 49 and University of Georgia at 49. There are 4 Top 50 national schools and 27 Top 100 schools that 1400 is a good SAT score for. All these national schools are public colleges.

Generally, the 1400 SAT score is good enough for colleges that are ranked by US News between 50-100 nationally. 

What Are Good Colleges that Don’t Need or Consider SAT Score?

The 83 schools in this table do not consider SAT scores as part of the admissions process. The table shows each school’s rank within its type including national universities and regional universities.

NameTypesUS New Ranking for Each Type
California Polytechnic State University-San Luis ObispoRegional Universities West2
California State University Maritime AcademyRegional Colleges West3
Saint Mary’s College of CaliforniaRegional Universities West4
Milwaukee School of EngineeringRegional Universities Midwest6
LaGrange CollegeRegional Colleges South8
The University of Montana-WesternRegional Colleges West8
California Institute of TechnologyNational Universities9
Colby-Sawyer CollegeRegional Colleges North9
St. Mary’s UniversityRegional Universities West9
Loras CollegeRegional Colleges Midwest10
Beacon CollegeRegional Colleges South10
Keene State CollegeRegional Colleges North11
Mount Saint Mary’s UniversityRegional Universities West12
Berklee College of MusicRegional Universities North12
Alma CollegeRegional Colleges Midwest12
Alaska Pacific UniversityRegional Colleges West13
Hiram CollegeRegional Colleges Midwest13
California State Polytechnic University-PomonaRegional Universities West14
Asbury UniversityRegional Universities South14
CUNY Bernard M Baruch CollegeRegional Universities North14
SUNY College of Technology at DelhiRegional Colleges North14
Art Center College of DesignRegional Universities West16
San Jose State UniversityRegional Universities West16
Augsburg UniversityRegional Universities Midwest17
St. Francis CollegeRegional Colleges North17
Mars Hill UniversityRegional Colleges South19
University of California-BerkeleyNational Universities20
University of California-Los AngelesNational Universities20
The College of WestchesterRegional Colleges North20
University of Valley ForgeRegional Colleges North20
University of Silicon ValleyRegional Colleges West21
The University of TampaRegional Universities South21
CUNY Hunter CollegeRegional Universities North21
California State University-Monterey BayRegional Universities West22
California State University-Los AngelesRegional Universities West24
University of North AlabamaRegional Universities South25
California State University-StanislausRegional Universities West25
University of MontevalloRegional Universities South26
California State University-ChicoRegional Universities West26
Northwestern CollegeRegional Universities Midwest26
University of Washington-Tacoma CampusRegional Universities West26
California Baptist UniversityRegional Universities West28
California Institute of the ArtsRegional Universities West28
University of Minnesota-CrookstonRegional Colleges Midwest28
North Central UniversityRegional Colleges Midwest28
California State University-Channel IslandsRegional Universities West28
Dean CollegeRegional Colleges North29
University of California-Santa BarbaraNational Universities32
California State University-NorthridgeRegional Universities West32
California State Polytechnic University-HumboldtRegional Universities West32
CUNY New York City College of TechnologyRegional Colleges North32
Vermont Technical CollegeRegional Colleges North32
Pitzer CollegeNational Liberal Arts Colleges33
Lawrence Technological UniversityRegional Universities Midwest33
University of California-IrvineNational Universities34
University of California-San DiegoNational Universities34
University of Maine at Fort KentRegional Colleges North34
Paul Quinn CollegeRegional Colleges West34
Eastern Mennonite UniversityRegional Universities South34
Sonoma State UniversityRegional Universities West35
Merrimack CollegeRegional Universities North37
CUNY John Jay College of Criminal JusticeRegional Universities North37
University of California-DavisNational Universities38
California State University-SacramentoRegional Universities West38
Western Illinois UniversityRegional Universities Midwest39
California State University-San MarcosRegional Universities West39
Kansas Wesleyan UniversityRegional Colleges Midwest40
Hood CollegeRegional Universities North40
McDaniel CollegeRegional Universities North40
Lenoir-Rhyne UniversityRegional Universities South41
Central Washington UniversityRegional Universities West42
Notre Dame CollegeRegional Colleges Midwest45
Limestone UniversityRegional Colleges South45
North Carolina Wesleyan UniversityRegional Colleges South47
Cornerstone UniversityRegional Universities Midwest49
King UniversityRegional Universities South49
Holy Names UniversityRegional Universities West50
La Sierra UniversityRegional Universities West50
Spelman CollegeNational Liberal Arts Colleges51
Grace Christian UniversityRegional Colleges Midwest51
Barclay CollegeRegional Colleges Midwest53
Georgia Gwinnett CollegeRegional Colleges South54
University of Washington-Seattle CampusNational Universities55

The regional schools that are highest ranked by US News that do not use SAT scores are Paul Quinn College ranked 18, the University of Maine at Fort Kent ranked 27, CUNY New York City College of Technology ranked 28 and Vermont Technical College also ranked 28 in its type.

All California colleges do not use SAT scores for consideration in admissions. The other schools on the list are mostly regional schools from around the country as well as 1 national university (University of Washington) and 2 national liberal arts colleges outside of California.

Most of the schools in US News top rankings require an SAT score for consideration in admissions.

What are SAT Scores for College and Career Readiness Benchmarks?

SAT College and Career Readiness Benchmarks are test scores that show that a student is likely to succeed in college or in a career if they forgo college. There are College and Career Readiness benchmarks in both Math and Evidence-based Reading and Writing, or ERW.

The Math benchmark shows that a student has a 75% likelihood of achieving a C grade in a first-semester, college course for credit in algebra, precalculus, statistics or calculus.

The ERW benchmark shows that a student has a 75% chance of succeeding in a first-semester class for credit in writing, social science, literature or history.

SAT College and Career benchmarks are set for grades 8-11. These benchmarks indicate college and career readiness for their grade. As a result, both Math and ERW scores are expected to increase each grade from grade 8 to grade 11.

For Math, the college and career benchmarks for each grade are:

  • Grade 8: 430
  • Grade 9: 450
  • Grade 10: 480
  • Grade 11: 510

For the actual SAT, a score of 530 in math shows that the student is likely to do well in first-year college math courses.

For Evidence-based Reading and Writing, the college and career benchmarks for each grade are:

  • Grade 8: 390
  • Grade 9: 410
  • Grade 10: 430
  • Grade 11: 460

And the benchmark for score on the SAT is 480.

The College and Career Readiness benchmarks are formulated by the College Board, the organization that produces the SAT.

What Is a Bad SAT Score?

A bad SAT score is one that falls below the college and career readiness benchmarks for Math or Evidence-based Reading and Writing or ERW.

Bad SAT scores for a final attempt at the SAT are scores that fall below 530 for Math and below 480 for ERW.

A bad SAT score can also be considered in the context of the student’s grade. Scores are expected to rise consistently from grade 8 until grade 11 and when the student takes the SAT to obtain a score that will be submitted to colleges.

Finally, a bad SAT score can be evaluated in the context of the school the student desires to attend. For example, a bad SAT score for admission to an Ivy League school would be below 1500 which is much higher than for admission to selective schools that are not in the Ivy League and for less selective schools.

For some schools, an 1100 SAT score is sufficient. For more selective schools, SAT scores that are good enough are 1200, 1300, 1400 or higher. It varies from school to school. By that measurement, any score under 1100 is a bad SAT score. 

What Is a Good SAT Score

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