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They know enough
who know how to learn.
Henry Brooks Adams,
1838 - 1918
American journalist/author

Learning to learn series

Learning to learn: metacognition

Your path for most effective learning is through knowing

  • yourself
  • your capacity to learn
  • the process you have successfully used in the past
  • your interest in, and knowledge of, the subject you wish to learn

It may be easy for you to learn physics but difficult to learn tennis, or vice versa.
All learning, however, is a process which settles into certain steps.

The following is an exercise of four steps to help you understand how you learn:

Begin by selecting each step and answer the questions.
Then plan your strategy with your answers, and with other "Study Guides."
For a text summary, see Learning to learn

This page draws upon "metacognition," a term coined by Flavell (1976), and expanded upon by many.
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